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It is my professional opinion that I can help shave 20 years off of YOUR analytical / trading learning curve. Trading for a living is a very difficult endeavor. I will make it MUCH SIMPLER for you to understand, analyze and trade these markets. Keeping it SIMPLE is the staple of technical analysis!

I have spent my entire adult life dedicated to being the best analyst on Wall St. I am more than willing to teach the lessons, techniques, tips & tricks of the trade I've developed and proven during my long and illustrious 39 plus year career on Wall St. I teach these techniques to each of my OMNI Camp attendees.

When you leave this four day long OMNI BOOT CAMP you will be armed with all the tools and knowledge of a professional 39 plus year analyst and trader.

I run these camps personally and I make sure each and every one of my OMNIACS learns and understands the OMNI Trading method(s) and can reproduce them without my assistance after they have graduated. There is continued education from the day you leave OMNI CAMP live with me in my trading rooms and on my site you will always be up to date with any and all new OMNI developments. One you are an OMNI Camp graduate, you will have access to the OMNI Camp alumni room where OMNI camp graduates can share techniques and charts with one another in a private non-public trading room. I urge you to take the OMNI Camp course NOW!

An OMNI Camp seat is your life changing ticket! Omni camp will teach you to analyze markets with pinpoint accuracy just like the omni does.

OMNI Camp is four intensive days of live seminar. Hosted by me, Oscar Carboni. At OMNI Camp I will personally teach you exactly how to call the OMNI trade recommendations for yourselves. I will make you prove to me and the entire OMNI Camp class that you have mastered the OMNI techniques before you are allowed to go home! NOBODY LEAVES my seminar UNLESS they are “FIXED”. Classes are very small and intimate. I only accept and approve 5 students per class. I only hold classes 2 to 3 times per year. I value these OMNI techniques dearly. I keep them close to my heart. I would NEVER allow a room full of students to experience an OMNI Camp. These techniques are kept hidden from the public eye because they work! Period! It makes no sense for me to mass produce and water down the OMNI. My OMNI techniques are only taught at my OMNI Camps.

If you fill out an OMNI Camp questionnaire I will personally call you to qualify you for one of the 5 coveted seats. I warn you now, many students are turned away. I personally approve each application. I also deny many who fill out this application. The approval / denial process consists of a one on one telephone interview with me personally (Oscar Carboni) to approve each of the 5 students per class.