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The OMNI is an acronym for Oscar’s Market Navigational Indicator. The OMNI is a culmination of over 39 years of work, study, dedication and practical real time use of Technical Analysis as applied to trading markets. I have spent my entire adult life (I began my Wall Street career on the trading floor at 18 years young) testing, trading and refining the OMNI techniques. Over the years with undying dedication to my craft, I have simplified one of most difficult things to do on planet Earth; Figure out which way the markets will go, before they get there! The OMNI is a unique Navigational Indicator which is exclusive to the Online OMNI Trading Academy. The OMNI offers my ever growing army of OMNIACS Daily Trading Signals. These trading recommendations in my opinion are the best trading signals I have ever seen over my 39 years on Wall Street. I have seen better systems over my years but they have all been short lived. The annual lifespan of a proven winning trading program in this industry is about five years on average and five full years of the same system working consistently is a very overzealous life expectancy.

That’s what’s always amazed me about the OMNI method. It’s the consistency and longevity of the OMNI approach that is so impressive. From the tumultuous times during the 1987 Savings & Loans debacle, throughout the overheated Dot-Com bubble of 2001 while years later still trading and living through the infamous crash of 2008 - 2009, the OMNI has performed with amazing accuracy! It’s issuance of both day trading signals and its annual year end projections have been consistently correct over the years especially since I allowed the OMNI to be seen by the public eye starting in 2006. The OMNI is not only used for trading the Emini S&P and its sister Indices, but over the years, especially since we opened up the OMNI Trading Signals to professional wall street traders and novices alike, the OMNI has been tested and proven effective by countless OMNIACS around the globe when producing Stock Trading Signals, Futures Trading Signals, Commodity Trading Signals, Bond & Currency Trading Signals as well Signals in certain ETF’s. I urge you to join the Platinum Membership which offers the OMNI trading signals direct to you. When OMNI is going to trade or a signal occurs, my OMNIACS are notified immediately most times within seconds by our exclusive Flash Update OMNI Broadcast System

To view a sample Flash Update, and how it's delivered right to your computer screen visit: https://livewithoscar.com/flashpophelp.aspx

Review of Live with Oscar and the Omni Trading Academy

The following letter was sent in on March 9, 2018 from Jim Goodale better known as 'JimNf6' in our Live Trading Room.

  • "At some point in your trading life, you have to decide if you want to be successful. If you want to become a better trader, the key step in that process is getting a mentor. Oscar Carboni provides a thorough futures trading and technical analysis training course and support system through the OMNI Trading Academy and livewithoscar.com.
  • Oscar Carboni, a futures and commodities trader with over 30 years trading experience operates a trading website, Live with Oscar (www.livewithoscar.com) and a futures trading and market analysis seminar, OMNI Trading Academy. In the course of his career, Oscar has developed a market indicator, the OMNI, which he uses on a short-term basis to determine possible market direction. In his trading room and on his site, Oscar uses the OMNI to provide insight in trading the futures market. In the OMNI Trading Academy, traders take a personalized course with Oscar to learn, market analysis and trading methods. I will describe each component below so you can decide for yourself if either of these services fit your needs.
  • Livewithoscar.com has two trading rooms within the site, one free room for all participants and a second room for alumni of the OMNI Trading Academy. The free room is the most active, with Oscar providing insight and opinion throughout the day. The alumni room is only used for private discussion among alumni, since the material learned in the Academy is proprietary. Each day, Oscar publishes his OMNI for various markets he may be interested in trading. If you upgrade your membership from free to paid, then you receive alerts on entries and exits for trades that Oscar takes via the website using a flash utility.
  • The OMNI Trading Academy is a four-day intensive course held in Las Vegas for four to six students about two to three times per year. During the seminar, Oscar interviews each student, covers his personal history, market history, market analysis and trading. Market analysis includes determination of the OMNI for any market or stock of interest, OMNI levels for trading (including buy/sell, stop and profit targets), and technical analysis formations. The training concludes with specific recommendations for each student, on how they should trade a market and how they should create a trading plan.
  • I met Oscar through mutual friends many years ago, and I recently had the opportunity to join livewithoscar.com and attend the OMNI Trading Academy. I have never been more pleased with my experience at the seminar. We spent a very intense four-day period learning not only about the market and Oscar but also ourselves. Out of that session, we learned to develop a trading plan, complete with direction, buy and sell points, stops and profit targets. Safety is always the top priority – Set Your Stops First!
  • For those traders who need a mentor and support to get started, for those who want to learn from an experienced pit and electronic trader, I highly recommend Live with Oscar and the OMNI Trading Academy."