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Now you are looking at Oscars favorite page on the site. Why you ask? Because this is the website's Chat Room descriptive page. The live chat room is literally where Oscar lives and breathes. You talk about LiveWithOscar.com… This is it! This Chat room is LIVE WITH OSCAR! Oscar broadcasts live on camera and microphone or at least you will find him typing on his down camera whenever you choose to drop in. Oscar spends most of his days and nights in this live chat room sharing his endless treasure trove of tips, tricks & techniques which he has acquired over his vast 39 year career as a Wall street floor trader and financial market analyst. Come hang out in our Live Trading Chat Room with Oscar and a host of other traders, both experienced and novice alike, sharing their thoughts and analyzing the markets together.

A free membership in our site, LiveWithOscar.com, gets you into the chat room where Oscar is often live on video explaining market moves and how to interpret them. A paid membership gets you the chat room plus live real-time OMNI trading signals sent directly to your email, SMS messaging, and browser pop-up window. Furthermore, you can come experience a four day intensive training session (OMNI Camp) at the OMNI Trading Academy where we teach you how to create the OMNI trading signals yourself. Graduating OMNI Camp also gets you into a private chat room (the Alumni Room) where only OMNI Camp graduates gain access. This select group of people have learned the OMNI technique and can compare notes with each other, and Oscar directly, in this private chat room.

Come on in and join us today! See firsthand what all the buzz is about. https://livewithoscar.com/Register.aspx